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Using our App 

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First you would start with downloading our app to your iPhone, iPad or Andriod device!

You can find our app by searching "Little Treasures Mobile Cash Register App" in which ever App Store is available to you.  

Visit our F.A.Q. & PDFs page for all of this information in a convenient PDF download.

You asked, we listened.
Checkout is now made easy with the Little Treasures Mobile Cash Register App. Your volunteers will love it! They can simply tap a button  that corresponds to the price code on each of our products and they will not only know the cost of the item , but they will be able to tall the students order effortlessly! This handy app already has our suggested price tiers pre-programmed, or you can custom set your own price to correspond to each price code. Whats better than that! 
Step One
Logging in










Your username and password will be included in your order.

Simply enter this and you're on your way!

Each of your volunteers will use the same username and password.

Any questions you can always call us at 


Step Two
Setting your prices 







You will be prompted to go to the Settings tab to select the price code tier you wish to use. We have pre-programmed three suggested tier which you can use immediately. Simply choose one and press Save. However if you prefer to set your own prices simply choose Custom and follow the prompts to program each price code.

Step Three
Let's Shop







Now it's time to help the students shop! Make sure your volunteers understand that each item has a price code that corresponds to the cost of the item. They simply tap the price code of the items the child is purchasing. The total cost if the sale will be displayed as they are inputting the items so your volunteer will immediately know if the student is spending over their budget! Should they make an error they simply tap Undo and it will undo the last entry. Should you need to start over, tap Clear.

When the student is done shopping tap the yellow Total tab and you will be brought to the Total Purchased screen. You will see the total number of items that the students purchased and the total amount of the sale. Enter the amount of money received in the white Amount Received box and the app will calculated the change due. 

Time for the next shopper? Tap Clear and you will return to the register screen and you're all set to help the next shopper.

Little reminder!

Make sure to press Clear after each sale so that the sale is registered.

The Little Treasures Mobile Checkout App will also calculate the total sales for that day. Simply tap Today's Total Sale after you press clear and the total sales for the day as well as they total number of items will be displayed 

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