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Running the Boutique

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  • Arrange your tables for your sale. Tablecloths have been provided.

  • All of our items, with a few exceptions are packaged in dozens. Please use only one dozen at a time. When the first package is sold, feel free to open the next one. Please do not switch colors, items or mix dozens.

  • If pricing individual items please use removable labels and remove them before returning unsold items. Kindly refrain from using stickers, pens and permanent labels. Any orders returned with price labels will incur a $50.00 charge.

  • Please do not rip open or mark merchandise bags or boxes, as unsold merchandise needs to be repackaged for future sales.

  • If you choose to remove an item from its packaging for display purposes, please be sure to save the (box or bag) packaging and return or sell as received.

  • Log in to the mobile app using your ID and password provided in Box #1.

  • If cash registers have been provided, following the instructions provided, program it based on the price code system

What's Included













  • TREASURE BOX: Receive a Treasure Box filled with enough free merchandise for your needs.

  • VOLUNTEER KIT: We will include a free Volunteer Kit filled with snacks and goodies to keep your volunteers happy while they work!



  • Everything, with a few exceptions is packaged in dozens. If you ordered more than one dozen, please use one dozen at a time - when the first dozen is sold, start the next dozen. Please do not switch colors, items or mix dozens.

  • Please do not price merchandise with stickers, pens or labels. Removable labels are fine, but we would appreciate your removing all before returning.

  • Please do not rip open bags or boxes, as unsold merchandise needs to be resold.

  • Bags are enclosed for necklaces on display boards. Please return bags not used. Additionally, please return any displays, cases, boxes, bags etc. that we supplied in reusable condition.

  • Please separate any items found to be damaged or defective and mark as such. No items will be accepted for return if they were broken or mishandled by you. Manufactures defects will gladly be taken back.



  • Please note the number of items returned in "Pcs Ret'd" column.

  • Multiply pieces returned by unit price and put in "Credit" column.

  • Total credit column and deduct from "Total on Consignment" for Balance sold and Total Due.

  • Since we are a consignment company, all merchandise returned will be resold. We therefore request that you return all unsold merchandise in the same condition it was received in.

  • Unsold merchandise is to be returned with calculations one or two days after the fair.

  • When repackaging unsold merchandise to be returned, please put heavy items on bottom and delicate items on top.

  • Please be sure to include a copy of your count of the merchandise returned, and an invoice will be sent to you with amount due.


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