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Telephone Orders










(631) 957-1515
Telephone orders are gladly accepted. Simply make a list of your desired items and call us
Together we can work up an order that will be suitable for your organization's needs.

Website Ordering







Ordering via our website is yet another option. Simply click on the Boutique tab to view our merchandise by category. 
Choose what you want to create your "wish list" and click "add to cart". No worries, we will fill in the quantities so you have a perfect order with enough 
merchandise in each category and price point. Next fill in required information, confirm the entered information and click "submit". We will then contact you to 
review and finalize your order.




To complete your order we need:

  1. Number of students in your school

  2. Dates of your boutiques

  3. A copy of your organizations' tax exempt form

  4. Date to schedule delivery

  5. Delivery information - we'll delivery wherever you prefer



*Booking is now easier than ever with our online appointments.*


Book online or call to schedule an appointment to personally view each item we carry.
We will work with you and your committee members to make up an order that will be suitable for your organizations needs.


More Info



It's totally risk free

Return whatever you don't sell at no cost to you!

No hidden charges

Pay only for what you sell...nothing else!

No shipping-handling-freight-or-delivery charges.

Our drivers will deliver, pick-up, and restock your order free of charge!

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