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Your boxes are numbered based on your selected inventory. Open Box #1 first. To help you find it, it has a bright green label stating "OPEN ME FIRST". In this box you will find:

  • Your inventory sheet.

  • Your mobile cash register app instruction sheet, containing your user name and password.

  • Shopping bags and tablecloths.

  • Shopper's participation gifts.

  • Your "RETURN" envelope.

  • Price code chart.

Your boxes have been packed according to your inventory worksheet. If you choose to double check your delivery, please do so now -- one box at a time. Make sure the delivered items match your list. 
Unfortunately, during shipping, some items may become damaged. Should you find one, please keep it to the side. 
Included with your delivery, you will find two unique surprises!

  • TREASURE BOX: Receive a Treasure Box filled with enough free merchandise for your needs.

  • VOLUNTEER KIT: We will include a free Volunteer Kit filled with snacks and goodies to keep your volunteers happy while they work!

All our items are price coded. 

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