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With so much uncertainty, why not hold your Boutique early? 

 Any sales held prior to November 1st will receive an


What makes Little Treasures UNIQUE is that our customers CHOOSE what they want to sell...So that is where we are starting! 

 Here is our plan....

All our options start with making the "PERFECT HOLIDAY BOUTIQUE ORDER" This is where you would come into the showroom
 (social distancing and masks of course) and choose the items that you would like to offer at your sale.  
As always, as much as we love to see you, we can put together a custom order for your school without visiting the showroom.
Any of the following options can be combined and/or adjusted at any time. What's easier than that ?!

 Kids with  Masks
 Kids with  Masks

Virtual Store

Again…starting with your “Perfect Holiday Boutique Order” we will create your school's OWN virtual store where your school will have a unique code to access your online personal store.  Your chairperson will have the opportunity to price each item so your profits will be as YOU CHOOSE. You can use our price codes or custom price your items. Parents and students will shop online and there will be several options for delivery that will be unique to your school’s situation.

In-School Holiday Boutique

This is what we will call our Traditional Holiday Boutique.  Using your  “Perfect Holiday Boutique Order” we will deliver your order when you request, your volunteers will run your sale as you usually do, we would refill as needed, and pick up when sale is complete. As always everything is on consignment and you pay only for what you sell.

Touchless Holiday Boutique

We understand that administration will need to limit the amount of volunteers in school as well as students' handling of items.  We can deliver a sample of each item YOU CHOSE in your “Perfect Holiday Boutique Order”. Volunteers will display each item, students simply complete our order form and pay PTA for merchandise. Orders are returned to Little Treasures and our elves will pack each student order and deliver it to your school packed by student and classroom.

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